Saturday, July 30, 2005

My Son's Birthday

My son’s 13th birthday is just round the corner. To be exact, it is on July 30. This is also the day that I am actually going back to class to learn more about internet marketing. This aside. there is one more day to go and yet, I have no idea what to buy for him.

When he was younger, I did not recall trying very hard thinking of what to get. A toy aeroplane or a train set would make him felt very happy. In fact, a t-shirt with his favourite superhero characters on it would have him feeling top of the world.

I have tried to observe where his interest lies. He is very interested in computer games. He is able to sit in front of the computer for hours. Perhaps, a new computer game may make him happy. On the other hand, I am not sure sitting in front of the computers may build him up.

He is in secondary one now. Very soon, he will grow up with his own mind, making his own decisions. As a mum, I have to ensure that he receives a rounder education. Like the saying goes, teach a man how to fish…

There are many aspects that need to look into. Children are gifts from God. We are to treasure and be responsible to bring them up according to God’s ways.

As for now, my focus is to look for a suitable gift for him. One of his strength is to use his pair of hands. He is very good and quick in fixing models. A few nights ago, his father bought 3 aeroplane model sets and within a short few hours, ooh lah lah, he has fixed them all.

Perhaps, i already know what to buy for him as a birthday gift.